It’s official: beer and style totally mix. In honor of the Great American Beer Festival taking place in Denver this weekend, we would like to introduce one badass fashion and beer blogger. Not only does Tiffany of Sort of Candid have effortless style, but she also has great taste in beer (and has a stockpiled fridge to prove it). Tiffany teaches us that if you love two things, why not combine them?!

Looklist: As a beer and style blogger, how do you find a balance between the two to allow both passions of yours to shine on your blog?

Tiffany: I think because they are so vastly different from each other, they kind of stand out on their own! I also don’t think I want a balance on my blog, it keeps things interesting.

LL: Did you start with a specific plan for your blog? How has your blog evolved over time?

T: There was definitely no plan. I just knew I wanted to have two things on there: style and craft beer. I dove in head first and it has been pretty rewarding. My blog is still in its baby stage. So for now, I think it’s too early to say it has really evolved much. I think it’s growing day by day.

LL: Do you have more of a fashion following or a beer following?

T: Hmm.. that’s a good question. I would say I have more of a fashion following but I have more of a loyal beer following. People pop in and out to check on my outfits but I have some hard core beer readers who still comment on almost every picture. I love it!

LL: That’s awesome! How do you stand out on social media?

T: It’s hard to stand out in a world where everyone blogs. Living in NYC is complete chaos! Regardless of how many other things are going on around me, I  enjoy taking the time to stop and enjoy good beer in comfortable style. I think people get that vibe from my blog.

LL: What are your favorite places to find fashion inspiration?

T: My favorite place to find inspiration is the street. I get it from people passing by me and even store fronts I pass on 5th Ave. If it’s not from those places it’s from other NYC bloggers.

LL: Now on the beer side, what kind of beer collaborations have you done in the past?

T: I’ve done beer tastings for reviews, beer magazines interviews, beer festivals and LOTS of brewery tours. It’s all so much fun!

LL: What is your all time favorite beer?

T: Oh man you’ve hit me with the question that is always so hard because there are so many! Right now the first thing that comes to mind is anything from Stone Brewing Co. Their “Go-To” IPA is legit.

LL: How many beers do you have in your fridge right now?

T: Let me get up and check (goes to refrigerator)… 32 and most of them are different.

LL: What is your spirit animal?

T: My spirit animal would probably be a dolphin!

Don’t you just want to grab some happy hour brewskies with her? Please be sure to see more of Tiffany on her blog Sort of Candid because as you can see, there is no one else like her.

And if you are fortunate enough to live in the fine city of Denver, be sure to check out the Great American Beer Festival this weekend starting today, September 24.

Images all by Sort of Candid.